Daisy Dog Peppy Chews

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A 100% all natural peppermint chew that freshens the breath and aids digestion.

After requests from existing customers for a breath freshener that didn't require a science degree to read and understand the ingredients, we scaled it down and took it completely back to basics. 

A delicious fresh minty chew containing organic chicken breast, green spirulina, homegrown fresh peppermint & parsley which freshens the mouth, encourages healthy digestion and reduces wind.

Peppy Chews hit the market and sold out in the first day - the dogs loved them and their owners loved the fact that as well as smelling super fresh there is no additives in them  so they know that they are feeding the best they can to their dogs.

  • Delicious taste
  • Healthy ingredients
  • No additives
  • Fresh smelling
  • Freshens the breath & cleans the teeth
  • Aids healthy digestion & reduces wind