DOGNUT peanut butter

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Peanut Butter Dognut

Gorgeous dognuts one of our most popular "special treats" products at the market.

Totally doggo-friendly contains no refined sugar, no artificial colours or flavours. Dognuts do contain wheat flour, though we are happy to make gluten-free for sensitive dogs. Our dognuts come in either peanut butter or banana and topped with a creamcheese/yoghurt icing in either raspberry/blueberry/mango and finished off with our very own totally natural sprinkles.

Please note that we do not use additives or artificial colours; our icings and sprinkles are made with fruits and vegetable juices, if needed we will use a natural food colour.

When ordering your dognut please stipulate what colour sprinkles you would like - mixes are available.

Perfect as a one-off special treat, or available in larger quantities for that special occasion like a pup-party. These are available by delivery on Saturday afternoons, at our site at Christchurch Farmers Market Saturday mornings, or at other times for larger quantities (6) for special occasions by arrangement.