Daisy Dog Tyger Tamers Gourmet Cat Treats (GF)

Daisy Dog Tyger Tamers Gourmet Cat Treats (GF)

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Tyger Tamers (GF)

People kept asking for them so we've been working on them!

Delectable gourmet cat treats.

A mix of organic chicken breast, Daisy Dog chicken foot mousse and High Country King salmon slow air dried into tantalizing nibbles.

We all know how cats can be so fickle about what they will "approve" from day to day and its hard to please everyone but these have been well taste tested and highly approved by shorthairs, longhairs, moggies, barn cats, Ragdolls, Mainecoons and Russians.

100% Natural

  • No artificial flavour
  • No fillers
  • No added salt
  • No colours
  • No preservatives

These treats sold out at the Christchurch Pet Expo on their debut and at every market since

Available in 70 gram or 140 gram pack