Daisy Dog Power Patties

Daisy Dog Delites

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Daisy Dog Power Patties  

A meat based pattie packed with a powerhouse of all the super-veges, hemp seeds, linseeds, coconut oil and oat flour to bind it all into one deluxe package. Vegetables lose very little of their nutritional value during the dehydration process and this pattie is an absolute bomb of goodness and the dogs love them.

Weve based our feeding regime on the BARF programme so our dogs do get a portion of vegetables & fruits with their raw meats. These are a great way to get vitamins and minerals into dogs that aren't too big on eating straight veges.


  •  Beef
  •  Spinach
  •  Brocolli
  •  Green Kale
  •  Beetroot
  •  Carrot
  •  Kumara
  •  Pumpkin
  •  Hemp seed
  •  Hemp flour
  •  Linseed
  •  Oat flour


Available in a pack of 6 patties  or larger amount by request