Daisy Dog Golden Nuggets

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Golden Nuggets packed full of all the awesome powers of golden paste (turmeric, coconut oil, black pepper, coconut milk) hemp seed and linseed. Daisy Dog Golden Nuggets have been seeing fantastic results from dogs with chronic inflammatory conditions.

Daisy Dog Golden Nuggets harnesses all the power of curcumin wrapped up in a tasty healthy treat. Golden paste is mixed with our own coconut/peanut butter cookie base, hemp seeds and linseed add their own healthy fats and additional anti-inflammatory properties.

Able to be fed each day for maintenance/preventative, the amount can be increased to alleviate acute symptoms, 

Available in an 80 gram packet, regular customers tend to purchase in a larger pack for daily maintenance, larger quantities keep well in a air-tight container.

One ball a day per small dog, 2 balls a day per medium-large dog.

Daisy Dog is thrilled to be sponsoring "Kingi" from Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue with Golden Nuggets as part of his supplementary support care-plan for his ongoing pain management for a chronic condition.