Chicken Pate, Cranberry & Cheddar Cookie

Daisy Dog Delites

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Chicken Pate, Cranberry & Cheddar

A different take on the human favourite of chicken/cranberry/brie cheese! 

Our only cookie that is meat based, super duper tasty - even Daisy's cat friends are trying to get into them! Made from our delicious Chicken Foot Mousse the smell and taste is  proving irresistible to doggos and felines alike. Chicken foot mousse has all the good properties of calcium and phosphorous, glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen. As we always like to add berries or seeds to our ingredients we have incorporated cranberries for their antioxidant qualities.

Contains Coconut flour, oat flour, chicken foot mousse, apple puree, coconut oil, cranberries, free-range eggs.

Available in $6.00 bags of 11 cookies

Available in $12.00 bags of 22 cookies.

Also available in our mixed bags.

Postage available, deliveries within the Christchurch/Rangiora region, or pick up from our site at Christchurch Farmers Market Saturday mornings.