Carrot, Manuka Honey & Sesame seed Cookies

Daisy Dog Delites

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Carrot, Manuka Honey & Sesame seed

Gorgeous carrot cookie.

Created from Daisy Dogs continual obsession with carrots, even when they are in the horses mouth! How chuffed was I to find that purple carrots hold this stunning colour when baked!

Healthy cookie packed full of vitamins and the antimicrobial properties of manuka honey.

Gluten-free, meat free.

Contains coconut flour, oat flour, coconut oil, carrot puree, sesame seeds, manuka honey, free-range eggs.

Available in $6.00 bags for 11 cookies

Available in $10 bags for 22 cookies

Also available in our mixed bags.

Available for postage, delivery within the Christchurch/Rangiora area on Saturday afternoons or from our site at Christchurch Farmers Market Saturday mornings.