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Bone Broth & NZ Green Lipped Mussel Powder

Daisy Dog Delites

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Daisy Dog Bone Broth Powder 

Our bone broth powder is made from scratch here at Daisy Dog residence and came about for ease of providing our customers at the market a way of purchasing our gorgeous rich broths without the worry of it defrosting on the way home. It also means that we can post anywhere around the country.

We continue to offer our beautiful broths that have been thoroughly air-dried and turned into a fine powder. In addition, to compliment the many benefits of bone broth we have added  NZ green lipped mussel powder which has also been air-dried and ground to a powder by us. The benefits of green lipped mussels in humans and animals has been well documented and adding this to our broth powders produces an amazing and delicious supplement full of beneficial properties to compliment any dog or cats diet.

Broth powder can either be sprinkled over the food as is, but when rehydrated with water produces a gorgeous rich and delicious broth for your dog. Our dogs are fed bone broth every night as a compliment to their raw diet to support bone, joint, skin, coat, immune system and digestive health. Daisy Dog Bone Broth Powder contains no added salts, sugars, preservatives, or additives.

It is definitely a labour of love for a small in home business but we are so passionate about the benefits of bone broths in dogs and cats diets that it is worth while.

Available in 

Chicken Foot Bone Broth Powder

NZ Venison Bone Broth Powder

NZ Beef Bone Broth Powder

Available in 50grams in either jar or pouches.