About us

Daisy Dog Delites are MPI registered producers of gourmet gluten-free home baked cookies, natural treats, turmeric products, gourmet cat treats, horse treats, Birthday cakes and enrichment toys in Christchurch New Zealand.

 "Daisy Dog Delites" named for our beautiful girl Daisy Dog an American Staffy X Sharpei who is obviously our pride and joy.

All of our recipes and products have been uniquely created by us, thoroughly taste-tested by dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages and have been lovingly created first and foremost for our own dogs as a compliment to their balanced raw diet and as healthy goodness-packed treats. Many of our cookie recipes have come about from Daisy's obsession with fruits and vegetables and her habit of helping herself off fruit trees and out of the horses feed bins.

What started out as a passion for our dogs diets, grew into a fun "weekend extra" developing unique products for other peoples dogs whilst working full-time as a Registered nurse, which quickly required a full time commitment from our family to meet demand.

We use only natural dog-safe ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, seeds and specific spices which have been selected for being highly palatable to doggo taste buds, but also for their natural Individual benefits to overall health. We are constantly utilising resources and research of vegetables, herbs, spices and natural products that provide natural benefits to canine health.

Our passion is providing a natural, healthy alternative whilst also making it fun for owners and doggos. Our products contain no fillers, artificial colours, added sugars, no added flavours or added salt. We are constantly creating new healthy products for dogs and owners that appreciate quality unique canine products.

Whether it is something for a special occasion (pup-party), a natural alternative for pain management, as a gift for that special dog or their owner, every day treats for your own dog, a healthy alternative to other products, or as a supplement to your dogs daily meals - both dry or raw fed, then we are likely baking something that hits the spot.